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• Integrate data directly from your PCR into our billing software.
•Acknowledge in writing your submission of PCRs by providing a detailed list of   patients, PCR numbers and status tracking.
• Submit claims with Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.
• Provide billing statements to EMS patients.
• Provide records and medical requests to patient’s legal representation if necessary.
• Coordinate with insurance, medical, and legal representatives to achieve payment.
• Provide a detailed, monthly statement to your EMS Squad featuring collections and   outstanding balances, as well as funds collected.
• Provide weekly and monthly status reports, monthly AR reports and payor tracking   reports.
• Invoice for billing services.


Our CAC certified billing personnel are trained to address and support the specific needs of each client’s reimbursement policy, and will conduct on-site seminars to review compliance regulations when your schedule best permits. All
reimbursement procedures are fully customized, and are determined entirely by your organization.


911 Revenue Management accepts multiple payment methods and supplies daily reimbursement reports. We utilize dedicated, toll-free telephone and fax lines, and email correspondence.


911 Revenue Management's EMS Billing Department is fully compliant with HIPPA, HITECH, Red Flag Rules and FDCPA regulations.