About 911 Revenue Management's EMS Billing Service

911 Revenue Management has been providing accurate, comprehensive billing services to EMS squads since 1985, We customize our services to match the specific needs of each EMS squad and can accommodate any accounting format.


Our promise is to reimburse your squad with maximum revenue recovery for all services rendered. We provide detailed reporting with continuous status tracking for each of your transports, assuring accuracy in all elements of coding, payor assignment, reconciliation and reimbursement tracking.


911 Revenue Management's EMS Billing programs include electronic filing with Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and all other participating payers. All billing and collection procedures are cleared with monthly statements detailing the status of each submitted PCR.


Our years of experience as a full-service EMS billing partner make us uniquely qualified to assure successful collection of all eligible reimbursements, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on providing your community with the medical services they expect without the cumbersome burden of filing, billing and collection.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide thorough and comprehensive revenue management services in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations while maximizing our clients’ reimbursement on every claim.