With 911 Revenue Management Billing Department handling your EMS billing and claims processing, you can more fully utilize your staff and resources to concentrate on your primary responsibility - providing expert emergency medical care. Your squad members can do the jobs they were hired to do and you’re able to operate more efficiently as a business.


911 Revenue Management lowers your overhead by handling the time consuming efforts of filing and re-filing insurance or Medicare claims and assures you a more predictable cash flow, one not hampered by delayed payments.


Our well-trained and experienced staff stays current on all Medicare and Medicaid policies and regularly attends seminars on the changes in regulations. We utilize a state-of-the-art electronic filing system so that processing of your PCR’s is rapid and efficient and payment for your services is quick and accurate.


Some EMS squads feel they can handle their own billing and reimbursement programs. A closer look often reveals that an outside service offers several key advantages over in-house programs.


• Is this the best use of your employees’ time? Our CAC-certified agents are well-trained professionals specializing in billing and reimbursement


• Running in-house programs can prove expensive - salaries, office space, telephone and utilities, postage, computers and software. Our
services are bundled into one convenient, cost-effective package.


• Our staff adheres strictly to the guidelines of state and federal collection laws, and all procedures are fully compliant with HIPPA, HITECH,
Red Flag Rules, and FDCPA regulations.